Make application for foreign credentials acknowledgement.

You purchased your education and learning facts in foreign countries and wish to take into consideration in Saxony this?

On software equivalence with Saxon Large, average level (Actual amount) or increased accessibility qualification (secondary school) is tried and exhibited a communication.

If you are planning to attend school abroad, seek advice on the conditions for future recognition of foreign education certificates in Saxony,, You can Moreover.

Online forms and application.

Competent expert.

Point out Workplace for schools and education, Dresden.

Service information.

More information.

Identification in Germany Federal government Ministry of Education and Research Reputation Saxony IQ Network Saxony interpreting and interpretation data source point out proper rights divisions.


The popularity needs are elaborate and count on the person instance.

If you live in the Free State of Saxony or recognition for training, studies, professional or other activity in the Free State of Saxony need, you can ask for the recognition. Placed your academic profession in essay papers Saxony persisted, typically no official acceptance operation is called for. Allow talk with the State Office of Education and education tips.

School entry certification.

The Middle Company for International Instruction from the Position Conference can be located for a number of state governments with complete documents about:

Learning the several foreign diplomas or levels of the disorders for his or her acquire and the way to receive their category when it comes to German school degrees and degrees.


Ways to apply, you should utilize the applicable form. Fill it out thoroughly and publish it along with the needed records to the competent authority just one.

Residing in Saxony.

For those who live in Saxony and need to fill up operate, examine or professional education, create the application, you need to speak to our Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle out of the Condition Department for Schools and Schooling, Dresden.

Living in a different declare or in foreign countries.

You should finish the application for reputation of your respective records in the Condition Department for Education and Schools, Dresden.


Upon getting provided the application, it will likely be tried and also the equivalence persistence of your own instruction certificate that has a German diploma. You may collect created notification.

Once issued certificate of recognition of Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle would be beneficial if you want to apply to various colleges or training providers who, however.

Required paperwork.

Form issued offshore educational certificates / diploma or degree or leaving behind qualification in the final frequented instructive organization (such as translation of the facts) testimonials about joining college in Germany proof of education direction (for job seekers to 25 years) backup of identity charge card, passport or passport, if necessary displaced individuality exactly where suitable, proof the name transform (marriage certificate, possibly using a translation into German)

If you already participated in a university entrance examination in the country of origin or studies have graduated from a university, you must complete your application please by the following evidence:

Diagnosis of foreign university entrance exams unusual Transcripts with study and examination (subjects and grades see) optionally unfamiliar diploma (as an example, Bachelor) translations on the previously mentioned paperwork.

Only submit the original qualifications and never originals, uncertified duplicates or duplicates of references.

Moreover, all papers within a overseas terminology must be published for a language translation in German. These are only acknowledged by the status companies when they have been created by a recognized in Germany (or perhaps because of the German embassy in the united states of origins), the courtroom-employed translator.

check my reference Different: Is definitely the zeugnisausstellende human body in the nation English-language paperwork or proof bilingual out that u. A. Are designed in British, it requires no translation.

Costs (costs)

Reputation of international classes accreditation as well as diplomas and other requirements certifications to college front door and vocational credentials:

EUR 30,00 to EUR 400,00.

Acknowledgement of assessments or credentials for approved in the National Refugees Take action, insofar as one software is made inside of three years out of the day of long-lasting house within the Government Republic of Germany.

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