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AGPtEK Cross-cut Paper Shredder Sharpening Lubricant Sheets (Pack of 12)

Price: $18.99

♦ Improve Efficiency: The shredder lubricant sheets can effectively help to prevent paper jams, reduces static dust and optimize efficiency.
♦ Prolong Machine Life: These lubricant sheets will also help prolong the life of your shredder as it effectively prevents paper jams and static dust.
♦ Versatile: AGPtEK paper shredder sheets can be used for All Brands of Paper Shredders.
♦ Easy to Use: Just like shredding a piece of paper, these paper shredder lubricant sheets are extremely easy to use.
♦ Easy Storage & Cleaning: No messy oils to squirt and insert. Our lubricant sheets for paper shredder are much easier to store and clean. It is much safer than liquid lubricant.

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Nuova Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets – 24 counts (12 X 2-Pack)

Price: $16.99

Nuova Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheet made with 100% natural, non-toxic materials free from harmful chemicals. Easy to use for Sharpening, cleaning and lubricating shredder blades prevents paper jams and optimizing shredder performance.As quick & easy as shredding a piece of paper, no oil, no mess
Patented formula uses natural, non-toxic grinding powder and compatible with all paper shredders (paper entry width 8 9/16 inches or larger)
Sharpening, cleaning and lubricating shredder blades prevent paper jams
Optimizing shredder performance by removing dust & buildup from blades
2-Pack of 12 lubricant sheets; Sheet size: 8 9/16 in x 6 in (21.8 cm x 15.1 cm)

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AmazonBasics Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets – Pack of 12

Price: $7.99

An Amazon Brand.12-pack of lubricant sheets sharpens, cleans, and lubricates shredder blades
Helps prevent paper jams; reduces static dust and buildup for optimized efficiency
Easy to use-just like shredding a regular piece of paper; no messy oil needed
Compatible with all paper shredders (with 8-9/16-inch or larger paper-entry width)
Measure 6 by 8-9/16 inches each

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Wingogh Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets – Paper CD and Credit Card Shredder Oil, Pack of 12

Price: $17.99

Wingogh Shredder Lubricant Sheet – Pack of 12

Maintenance Intervals

✔Shredder works for 1 to 2 weeks
✔Shredder continuously works more than 30 minutes
✔The wastebasket should be emptied

For best results, we suggest to use 1 to 3 pieces of the sheet as the condition meets any of
the above and every piece should be put into the shredder respectively.

Sheet Size

8 1/2 in x 6 in (216 mm x 151 mm)
A4 size (8 1/2 inch) & A5 size (6 inch)

Directions for Use

✔Switch on the shredder after making sure that the shredder works in forward direction.
✔Put into a shredder lubricant sheet from the marked direction and feed it into the shredder
just like feeding a piece of paper and let it be shredded though.
✔After shredding the sheet, turn on the switch of the reverse direction and make the shredder
work in the reverse direction for 10 seconds until the lubricant cover the whole blade.
✔If the paper intake slot is wider than our shredder sheet, please put into two sheet respectively
left aligned and right aligned and shred the two sheet simultaneously. And please ensure the
blades is fully covered to be lubricated.

Preserving Method
✔Keep this product away from direct sunlight, heat source and fire.
✔Do not put this product into the water and keep it away from wet places.
✔Do not touch the lubricant oil as discarding this product.

What are you waiting for? Click the “Add to Cart” button to order the shredder sharpening & lubricant Sheets by Wingogh now & enjoy its unparalleled product!
NO OIL NO MESS – Applies just the right amount of lubricant every time and lubricant never touches your hands.
NATURAL FORMULA – Patented formula uses natural, made with 100% non-toxic materials free from harmful chemicals.
SHARPENS SHREDDER BLADES – The easy-to-use sheets provide a convenient way to sharpen, clean, and lubricate shredder blades. Simply run a single sheet through the shredder, just like when shredding a regular piece of paper.
ENHANCED SHREDDING EFFICIENCY – By reducing static dust and buildup from blades, the Wingogh Lubricant Sheets optimize shredder performance, helping to prevent paper jams and increasing overall shredding efficiency.
COUNT AND SIZE – Sheet size: 8 1/2 in x 6 in (216 mm x 151 mm). 12-pack of lubricant sheets can be used with any paper shredder that has a paper entry width of 8 1/2(or 6) inches or larger.

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Utoplike In-Drawer Bamboo knife block Drawer Organizer and Holder ,fit for 16 knives and one sharpening steel

Price: $59.90

Safehouseware bamboo Knife in-drawer storage organize all of your knives in place and keep your fingers safe. Especially for small kitchen,it is more organized with in-drawer knife blocks that free up counter space.

Made from one of most renewable and eco-friendly resourses in the world.And bamboo is extraordinarily strong and durable while making a stylish alternative to wood.

The elegant knife organizer is not only durable but also prevents the knives from being damaged and dull.And no worrying about cutting your finger on a loose knife.It prevent finger cutting from your sharp knives.

Fashion design of this bamboo knife in-drawer organizer can free up your counter space and make you kitchroom clean and tidy.

Knives don’t slide or point up even if drawer is slammed-don’t worrying about knives shooting out the back of your knife block.

Why purchase from SafeHouseware?

1.We provide high quality products with competitive price.

2.We strive to ensure our customer satisfaction. Keeping you satisfied is our number one goal.

3.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Buy with confidence, knowing that your purchase is backed by SafeHouseware Hassle-Free Return Policy.In-drawer knife block keep your countertop clear,store up to 16 knives safely and compactly in a drawer.
17″Lx11.5″Wx1.8″H, fits standard kitchen drawer.It have 16 slots,8 slots can fit for length 8.6″ steak knives, another 8 slots can fit for length 17″ knives and in the middle slot can fit a sharpening steel.
The knife block is sized to easily fit right inside all standard kitchen drawers,making it convenient for the home cook.
Made from renewable and eco-friendly bamboo material which is sturdy and durable.
Bamboo cleans up easily with soap and water.(knives are not included)

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