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BlueFire Professional 3.5mm PS4 Gaming Headset Headphone with Mic and LED Lights for PlayStation 4, Xbox one,Laptop, Computer (Blue)

Price: $20.99

PS4 Setting:
Insert the headset own 3.5mm jack plug into the Gamepad, then long press the PS button or enter the system Settings. There will be a peripheral machines, choose “Adjust Sound and Devices”, “Output to the headphones”, then change it to “all audio “. 

Driver Diameter: 40mm
Impedance: 32Ohm
Sensitivity: 105dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz
Mic dimension: 6.0 * 5.0mm
Mic sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB
Mic impedance: 2.2kohm
Directivity: All directional
Cable length: Approx. 2.1Meter
LED working voltage: DC5V +/- 5%
Working current: Below 100mA.
Headset interface: 3.5mm(4pin) + USB (USB for LED light)

What is included:
1 x 3.5mm Stereo Gaming LED Lighting Over-Ear Headphone with Mic
1 x Audio Y Splitter

1. Xbox One Microsoft adapter is not included.
2. The USB is just for LED lights to work, the headphone couldn’t work only with the USB, it has to plug the 3.5 mm plug at the same time.

【Widely Compatible and Versatile 】This 2016 latest gaming headset is mainly designed for PS4 gamers, but you can also use it on Smart Phone / PC / iMac / Laptop / Tablet / PSP / New Xbox one.
【High Precision Magnetic Driver】Awesome surround sound, makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of your games.
【Comfortable and Light Weight】 The headset has padding on the top and around the ears, which makes this a suitable option for long hours of play but doesn’t feel heavy on.
【Long Soft Braided Cord】 Over 7 feet! Which for a video gamer this is perfect, no need to sit right in front of the TV. Having such a long cord allows for much more movement and be comfortably.
【Smooth Mic and Volume Control 】There is a small controller on the cord, allowing you to turn the mic on and off, and the volume up and down with ease.

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Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard (DASK3PROMS1MACCLI)

Price: $147.73 - $119.00

Macs finally get to click with a high performance mechanical keyboard that looks so good it could have been designed in California. This highly tactile piece of equipment will put a lion in your engine and make you type faster, longer and more accurately. Free typing euphoria included. Das Keyboard compares to the legendary IBM Model M. Its best-in-class, mechanical, gold-plated key switches provide a tactile and audible click that makes typing a pure joy.German-engineered mechanical key switches with gold contacts (Cherry MX blue)
Laser-etched key cap inscriptions to prevent fading, Dimensions: 18in x 6.5in x 1in (thickest portion, feet not extended, 1.5in w/ extended feet)
Special Mac function keys: sleep, brightness +/-, mute, volume +/-, eject, play/pause, next and previous track.
Two-port USB 2.0 hub allows for syncing and charging iPhone, iPod and USB compatible devices.Two-port USB hub 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
5-key rollover–Great for fast typists and gamers alike
Glossy black upper enclosure with matching black USB cable.

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Soft Tactile MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard (DASK4MACSFT)

Price: $169.00

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac mechanical keyboard experience is like no other. From the initial idea to every fine detail when crafting this machine, the experience we deliver to customers is what drives our team. The combination of tactile feel, the psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an unmatched typing experience that only Das Keyboard 4 offers. With a Das Keyboard 4 for Mac, you’ll type faster and longer. It feels so good, you won’t want to stop. Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac mechanical keyboard is specifically designed for maximum Mac compatibility. It’s made of the highest-quality materials and robust construction you can feel. All of our keyboards are designed with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes. Give your Mac the keyboard it deserves.Upgraded to Cherry MX mechanical key switches with gold contacts, Dimensions: 18 x 6.8 x .80 inches (45.72 x 17.272 x 2.032 cm)Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
Two-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub – Up to 5Gb/s, 10x the speed of USB 2.0, System requirements:PC Windows, Linux, ChromeOS or Mac,One USB 1.1., 2.0 or 3.0 port,No driver required
Dedicated media control with oversized volume knob
Mac OS specific key functions
Full N-key rollover (NKRO) over USB eliminating the need for a PS2 adapter;UV hard coat-protected key caps to prevent fading;Instant sleep button to save energy
Elevated height: 1.2 inches (3.1 cm)
Designed for Mac OS X

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Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Price: $175.00 - $144.94

This 8″ knife is commonly used for home and professional kitchens. The thin blade and bolster allows you to easily cut and slice almost any food. This knife features dimples which help cut foods like apples and squash.2.5mm blade. The added dimples help the knife to glide through sticky foods such as potatoes, apples, and summer squash
Lightweight. Knife Length- 12.63 inches
Pakka wood handle
Hand wash is recommended Not dishwasher safe
Made In Japan

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EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional Bamboo Handle Premium Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Blending Blush Concealer Eye Face Liquid Powder Cream Cosmetics Brushes Kit With Bag

Price: $9.99

EmaxDesign – My Beautiful Life
For Applying Makeup Perfectly

Set Contains:
1. Foundation Brush
2. Big Eye shadow Brush
3. High Light Brush
4. Eye Smudge Brush
5. Concealer Brush
6. Eyebrow Brush
7. Small Eye shadow Brush
8. Blusher Brush
9. Eyelash Brush
10. Multifunction Foundation Brush
11. Multifunction Blush Brush
12. Mini Kabuki Brush

Package included:
EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set
1x EmaxDesign Portable Bag
1x EmaxDesign Product Manual

How to clean EmaxDesign Makeup brushes:
1. Run the bristles of the brush under warm running water.
2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to the bristles and work into a light lather.
3. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.
4. Continue rinsing until no color remains on the brush.
5. Allow the brush to air-dry.
This EmaxDesign cosmetic brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. Handmade brushes made of premium synthetic fiber materials provide an incredible touch and feel. They will not shed as long as you own the brush.
These essential brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to produce a beautiful face and eye makeup application. The set includes eye shadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, and eyelash brush for daily use.
Easy to carry and use, Package included: 12 piece bamboo brushes.
Hand-crafted by a professional makeup artist, they are ensured for long time use.
All brushes are made of high-quality bamboo, nylon material, and a soft synthetic, offering a sense of luxury.

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Professional XC2C64A Xilinx Platform USB Download Cable for FPGA CPLD C-Mod with cable

Price: $45.00

1. Support all Xilinx devices:All Virtex FPGA families;All Spartan FPGA families;XC9500/XC9500XL/XC9500XV CPLDs;CoolRunner XPLA3/CoolRunner-II CPLDs;XC18V00 IPS Proms;XCF00S/XCF00P Platform Flash PROMS;XC4000 series FPGAs
2. Supported on Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
3. Work with impact,chipscope pro and microblaze embedded processer debugging
4. Support target system using 5.0V TTL,3.3V LVTTL/LVCMOS,2.5V,1.8V,1.5V
5. Apply to Xilinx CPLD/FPGA chips download debugging
6. Support JTAG,Slave Serial,SPI download mode,can configure all Xilinx devices
7. Xilinx Platform with USB Cable fully compatible
8. Target device to download the clock options,up to 24MHz
9. Support Impact and ChipScope
10. Firmware can be updated automatically
1 x Xilinx Platform Cable USB
1 x 10-pin 2.54mm pitch 15cm flat cable,
1 x 14-pin 2.0mm pitch 15cm flat cable,
1 x 14-pin 2.54mm pitch 15cm flat cable
1 x 7-pin fly duppont cables
1 x Adapter plate
1 x 6-pin cable
1 x USB CableSupport all Xilinx devices:All Virtex FPGA families;All Spartan FPGA families;XC9500/XC9500XL/XC9500XV CPLDs;CoolRunner XPLA3/CoolRunner-II CPLDs;XC18V00 IPS Proms;XCF00S/XCF00P Platform Flash PROMS;XC4000 series FPGAs
Supported on Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Work with impact,chipscope pro and microblaze embedded processer debugging
Support target system using 5.0V TTL,3.3V LVTTL/LVCMOS,2.5V,1.8V,1.5V
Apply to Xilinx CPLD/FPGA chips download debugging

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Ability Office Professional 6 – 30 Day Free Trial [Download]

Price: $0.00

Ability Office Professional v6 offers 5 powerful applications essential for business or personal use – Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database and Photo-editor – as well as a Photoalbum, quick application Launcher, PDF creation and Cloud storage with direct Dropbox support, all in one affordable, compatible office suite. Ability Office Professional will load from and save to Microsoft Office 365, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 file formats, Adobe Photoshop and all major image formats, making it so simple to share.

Ability Office v6 is just perfect for working from home or in the office, allowing files to be edited and exchanged with friends, family and colleagues, Ability Office is absolutely ideal for small businesses, for those in local government, health, education and charities, and particularly suitable financially for the self-employed, club management, hobbyists, and students. It’s so easy to get started, with your choice of preferred interface, matching Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 styles, so you can get straight to work.

What is included within Ability Office v6:

Ability Write V6 — Microsoft Word compatible word processing

Gives you everything you need to create, edit and produce better-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings, essays and newsletters. Ability Write has all the features that you would expect from a top quality word processor — spell checker, thesaurus and grammar checker, bulleted and numbered lists, auto-shapes library, vector drawing layer, frames, textboxes, tables, index, table of contents, sections, auto-correct, auto-spell, word count, headers and footers, paragraph and font options, intelligent drag and drop editing, a short-cut edit menu for easy text revision, the capacity to include graphics, spreadsheets and charts, plus more. Ability Write supports a range of file formats including *.doc and *.docx (Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and later), save to and load from Dropbox, and export to Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS.

Ability Spreadsheet V6 — Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet

The perfect tool for managing all your numerical data, whether business information, home finances, complicated calculations or homework problems. Ability Spreadsheet supports both *.xls and *.xlsx file formats (Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and later), save to and load from Dropbox, and export to Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS.

Ability Presentation V6 — Microsoft PowerPoint compatible slideshow presentation

Ability Presentation has a wide range of visual and text effects, ensuring that your message is delivered with maximum impact. Ability Presentation supports both *.ppt and *.pptx file formats (Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and later), save to and load from Dropbox, and export slides to Adobe PDF, Microsoft XPS, HTML web-album & image formats.

Ability Photopaint V6 — Adobe Photoshop compatible photo and graphics editor

A feature-rich photo and image editor with interface and functionality that will instantly feel familiar to users of Adobe® Photoshop, Ability Photopaint’s fundamental components include support for multi-layered effects, paint tools, colour palettes, brushes, selections and special effects filters, delivering you the ability to create the exact photo and image effects and edits required.

Ability Database V6 — Microsoft Access compatible relational database

A powerful data management system that is perfect for storing and analyzing structured data or information, including address books, inventories, customer and product lists, medical records, and any other data that can be tabulated.

Save as PDF

As a major added benefit, create universally accepted Adobe PDF files from within any relevant Ability application, allowing secure delivery of original documents and making it quick and easy to publish documents.

System Requirements:
Processor:   Intel Pentium CPU (or similar AMD)
Hard Disk:   180 MB of Hard Drive Space
Additional Requirements:   Internet access required for download

Everything required in Office Software – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database and Photo-Editor – Loads and saves Photoshop and Microsoft Office 2013 and earlier file formats.
So Easy To Use – Instantly familiar; choose between traditional ‘menus and toolbars’, and Microsoft Office 2010, or 2007, ‘Ribbon’ style – no training required with free email technical support for life.
Cloud Storage – Directly open from or save to the ‘cloud’ with built-in Dropbox support.
Easy PDF Creation – Save to PDF from within any Ability Office application.

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Professional Business Card Holder Leather Credit Card Case with Magnetic Stainless Steel Closure,2 Pack (Retro)

Price: $18.99

Elegant appearance, crafted from stainless steel and coated PU leather outside 

It eliminates the search for business cards in a cramped and cluttered wallet
and sure to impress prospects and enhance your colleague’s professional image

Capacity: This case holds approx 20 business cards or multiple credit cards (depending on card thickness).

Design: Built-in magnetic strip for a secure closure, convenient in opening and closing Exquisite Pattern

Slim Lightweight: Thin design feels comfortable in hand or pocket.

Whether your colleague is a seasoned executive or a new recruit,
it is sure to be a welcome business gift 

MATERIAL: High Quality PU Leather Surface+Stainless steel. Stylishly designed with leather & stainless steel, ensuring a professional, great looking finish and make the case durable
BIG CAPACITY: Holds about 18-20 business cards depending on the thickness of the cards. Always have enough cards for seminars, luncheons and networking events to establish ongoing communication. It’s also suitable for credit cards, gift card, or some cash
MAGNETIC ClOSURE: Easy open with STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD; Contents won’t spill when dropped
Slim Lightweight: Thin design feels comfortable in hand or pocket. Make a professional statement at business meetings and organize your personal cards in this slim pocket wallet
GIFT CHOICE: It is an executive gift set for yourself or your friends and sure to be a welcome business gift

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MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder Keep Business Cards in Immaculate Condition NS

Price: $16.99 - $12.99

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ MaxGear’s Business Card Holder ◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁◁

Presenting your business card to anyone is an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting first impression.
The right business card holder can definitely make a huge difference to this first interaction.
You can make a notable impression simply with its shiny and fashion looking

Product Features
✔ -Premium Stainless Steel with a combination of High Polish and Satin Finish – leave the powerful first impression
✔ -Sleek and Slim Design – Easy to handle, carry and store
✔ -Designed to protect and organize your cards which can be easily got from anywhere.
✔ -Holds about 15-20 business cards – sufficient capacity
✔ -Perfect edges are been made to ensure comfort in your pocket, bag, briefcase.
✔ -Lightweight is not to bring any extra burden to your pocket.
✔ -Elegant and refined cases at an Amazing Price
✔ -Durable enough to survive in our rush hour life – high quality hinges and hardware.
✔ -You can send this card holder to your friends, families or customers as a gift

ORDER NOW to get this incredible card holder case with offering 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.Stores approximately 12-18 business cards, suitable for ID cards, credit cards, gift cards and more
Awesome and cool business card holder; Just look at its edge, it’s STURDY and DURABLE; you can directly send to colleagues, friends and loved ones.
Absolute professional business appearance and feeling and make your clients and associates or entrepreneurs a great impression.
Material: the card case is made of premium stainless steel. Size: 3.8″L x 2.5″W x 0.3″H
Very steady and fashion stainless steel business card holder, slips into your pocket, fits your briefcase, handbag; GUARANTEED QUALITY, just like a new one all the time

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