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Rapid Mac Cooker – Microwave Boxed Macaroni and Cheese in 5 Minutes – BPA Free and Dishwasher (Blue)

Price: $5.00 - $4.31

As Seen On TV, Rapid Macaroni & Cheese Cooker, No Need To Use The Stove Or Pots Again, Cooks Mac & Cheese In 5 Minutes Versus 20 Minutes On The Stove, Heat & Eat Right Out Of The Cooker, Reusable & Dishwasher Safe, Boa Free, Cooks Mac & Cheese Perfectly Every Time.The product is a Rapid Mac Cheese Cooker
Purpose of use for Cook’s Tools, Cheese Tools & Gadgets – cheese-makers
Manufactured in China

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Unscented Flax Keyboard and Mouse Pad Wrist Rest. Ergonomic! Hot and Cold Microwave Pad. Red Aztec.

Price: $24.99

Ergonomic wrist rest to ease pressure on wrist and shoulders while working on the computer.Great for relieving carpal tunnel symptoms. Filled with flax and beautifully hand sewn with designer fabrics, these wrist rests are the perfect gift for students, office workers, or for all computer enthusiasts.

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220V800W Microwave Radar Sensor PIR Occupancy Body Motion Detector Light Switch

Price: $33.00

Installation sit: ceiling mounting power source: 220-240VAC Max load:800W Frequency: 50-60Hz HF system:5.8 GHz CW radar,ISM band Time setting: 10 seconds to 30minutes Detection angle: 360 degree Working temperature: -15 to +70 C Ideal installation height: 2 – 4 meters Detection distance:2-10M(radius) Power consumption: 0.5 W Light control: 2-2000LUX Product size: 9.5×9.5x4cm/3.74×3.74×1.57inch Package size: 10*4.6*10CM
Item will be shipped from china, needs 20-30 days delivery

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AliTronics 12W Led Ceiling Light Retrofit,Diameter 4.8 Inch,High brightness 1300 Lumens,Replace Traditional 24W Ceiling Light,6000K White Color, Microwave Radar Sensor-5 Meters Sensing Distance(12)

Price: $12.90

Replace the former 20-24W “D” shape or circline fluorescent lamp in the ceiling light fixture

Easy Installation

Step 1. Turn off the power supply.
Step 2. Remove the lamp socket(s) and BALLAST.
Step 3: Connect the wires as per the installation instruction in the package
Step 4.Use the magnet leg side to mount onto the fixture
Step 5.Install the cover of ceiling light fixture,and then turn on the power.


Size: diameter 4.8 inch
Power: 12 watt
Lumen: 1300 lumens
Microwave Radar Sensor: 5 meters sensing distance, light off automatically 15 seconds after people left
CRI: 80+
Operating Temperature: 0℉to 104R

Long Lifespan
AliTronics LED light engine is rated at 40,000 hours. It is 4x longer than CFLs(10,000hours) and much longer than incandescents, meaning far fewer service cycles and far fewer replacement bulbs.Product diameter is 4.8 inch, pls make sure it can be installed into your current ceiling light fixture before order.
Maximum Replace the former 24W “D” shape or circline fluorescent lamp, no need abandon the ceiling light fixture.
Microwave radar sensor, 5 meter sensing distance,light will be turned off when people left 15 seconds later.
Easy installation, just remove former light source, and use the magnet leg side to mount the ceiling light fixture.
High brightness –1300 lumens, 6000k white color

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CHENBO 5 Pcs RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module Human Body Induction Switch Module Intelligent Sensor

Price: $9.19

The module has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high induction distance, high reliability, large induction angle, wide power supply voltage range, etc. it is widely used in various kinds of human body induction lighting and alarm and so on.

Product Introduction:
Operating Voltage:4-28V
Operating Current:2.8mA (typical);3mA (max)
Detection Distance:5-7m
Transmitting Power:20mW (typical);30mW (max)
Output Voltage:3.2-3.4V
Output Voltage Driving Capacity:100mA
Trigger Way:repeat trigger
Output Control Low Level:0V
Output Control High Level:3.3V
Operating Temperature:-20~80 celsius
Storage Temperature:-40~100 celsius

Adjustment Part Introduction:
Adjust repeat trigger time,default trigger time is 2s;increasing capacitor’s capacity will make repeat trigger time longer;and actual counting trigger time can operate as below: Stick capacitor on C-TM,test 9196 3-pin frequency F,repeat trigger time T=(1/f)*32768
Detection distance adjustment;connect with resistor and detection distance will become shorter;if not connect,detection distance is 7m;if connect with 1M ohm resistor,detection distance is 5m
Internal VCC parallel connect with internal 1M ohm resistor to CDS pin (that is 196 9-pin) by R-CDS ,CDS connects with photoresistor,you can close detection function at night

Note:microwave modules can not be large-scale applications in the same area, otherwise there will be mutual interference. Between single individuals over distance greater than 1M

Package including
5* Microwave Radar Sensor ModuleWide operating voltage range: 4-28V
Can output 3.3V power supply
Blocking time, adjustable distance
Using special signal processing control chip RCWL-9196
Compared with the traditional infrared induction PIR, the penetration detection ability

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Icstation RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Detector Human Motion Sensor Switch Module 5-7 Meter (Pack of 4)

Price: $5.59

This mini doppler radar sensor module is equipped with supporting DC 4-28V wide voltage This is a mini radar motion sensor module is equipped with RCWL-9196 chip based on the doppler microwave induction technology. It will automatically comtinuously output the high level TTL signel when there is motion. 360 degree no blind angle detection and maximum 7m sensoring distance with adjustable delay time and sensitivity. It is perfect for DIY microwave motion sensor light switch, human sensor toys, smart security devices, etc.

Working Voltage: DC 4-28V
Working Current: 2.8mA
Detecting Distance:5-7 meter
Transmitting Power: 20mW
Output Signal:TTL(high level 3.3V, low level 0V)
Board Size: 35.9 X 17.3mm/1.41 X 0.68inch

Pacage Included:
4X RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Detector Human Motion Sensor Switch

Pin Instructions:
1. 3V3: support output 3.3V voltage, driving current is 100mA
2. GND: ground
3. OUT: controlling signal output, when detect the subject, it will output high level(3.3V),otherwise output low level(0V)
4. VIN: power supply input(4-28V)
5. CDS: trigger signal control: less than 0.7V, OUT outptu low level, over 0.7V work normally.
Connect the LDR can turn off the detecting function at night.

Regulation Function Instructions:
1. C-TM: reguate the repeat trigger time, default time is 2s, add the SMD capacitor to extend the repeat trigger time.
Repeat trigger time calculation: install the SMD capacitor, then test the 9196 3th pin frequency f, the trigger time T=
2. R-GN: regulate the detecting distance,connect the resistor the detecting distance will will short.(default 7m, connect 1M resistor, the detecting distance will be about 5M)
3. R-CDS: the VCC is in parrel connection with CDS(namely 9196 9th pin) through R-CDS. Connect the LDR at the R-CDS to turn off the detecting function at night.Equipped with RCWL-9196 chip supporting 4-28V wide voltage input, high level signal output when detecting the motion with active repeat trigger
360 degree no blind angle detection with 5-7m deteciting distance, the detection not affected by the surroundings, better performance than the IR sensor
Support night detecting function turn on /off, adjustable repeat trigger time and detecting distance by add the SMD components to the corresponding pins
Working Voltage: DC 4-28V, Board Size: 35.9 X 17.3mm/1.41 X 0.68inch
Fulfilled by Amazon will take 2-4 days delivery time and shipped by Icstation will take 7-17 days delivery time usually

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Silicone Toddler Plate Easily Wipe Clean!Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!Baby Self Feeding Plate Fit Most Highchair and Skid Resistant!Set Include 2 Color (Blue and Yellow)

Price: $27.99

Our Silicone toddler plate let you spend Less Time. Less Money. Less Space.Get More Fun .More Safe .More convenient.MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER .

1.Spend Less Time – Our Silicone toddler plate is designed with an attached silicone mat so that they are harder to picked up or slid away,It means that the table and floor can be protected from the thrown food by your lovely kid.Even better,100% Food Grade Silicone resists stains and is non stick.Just use soapy water to wash them off!So that Cuts down on time cleaning after meals.
2.Less Money-Our cost-efficient combination suit can save your money.And lifetime money back guarantee – If you are not satisfied with our baby dishes.Our team will refund your purchase!
3.Less Space – Our mini baby place mat is soft and foldable can easily fit into a plastic bag for leaving the house.The size of mat-10.5×8.5×1 inch fit most highchair.
4.Get More Fun – Our baby place mat with smiley monkey face attract children’s interest to eating and let feeding made fun.
5.More Safe – 100% BPA,BPS, PVC,lead and phthalate free and 100% food grade silicone.
6.More Convenient – Silicone toddler plate are microwave safe and top-rack dishwasher safe to SAVE YOU TIME AND EFFORT!1. EASY PROFECT YOUR TABLE AND FLOOR – Our baby suction plate is harder to picked up or slid away.It means that your kid can not throw their plate with food to table or floor easily.
2. EASY CLEAN – 100% Food Grade Silicone resists stains and is non stick.Just wash by warm soapy or dishwasher.
3. EASY USE – Our Mini divided toddler plate with 3 compartment plate for baby to enjoy various types of food.And the plate fits most highchair.
4. EASY FEED – Our Baby place mat with smiley monkey face puts your kid in happy for mealtime.
5. EASY CHOOSE – Our cost-efficient combination suit offer one more color to you.

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