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Rickenbacker Electric Bass Guitar Ricky illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

Price: $9.99

This is an upcycled print printed on an old dictionary page. We take old books about to be destroyed and upcycle them in order to give them new life. The aging, slightly-yellowed page is carefully removed, and the image is printed directly on the recycled paper. The result is a unique and absolutely beautiful print suitable for framing. These prints are definite conversation-starters and look just gorgeous while hanging on the wall. The pages are approximately 8.5 x 11 in size, with a very slight variation. No two are exactly the same, but all will fit nicely in an 8.5 x 11 frame. You will not get the exact page shown in the image, but you will get a print from the same book. Every piece is original.

***Frame is not included****. You will receive just the print.

These vintage book prints make awesome, unique gifts and are environmentally responsible. All prints are shipped flat in rigid, stay-flat mailers and are protected in plastic sleeves.

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Guitar All-In-One For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction

Price: $34.99 - $24.84

Make your music come alive with this indispensable guitar guide

There’s no denying that guitar players have cachet. The guitar is an ever-present part of our collective musical heritage, and the sound can be sensual, aggressive, or a million things in between. Whether you’re hoping to conquer Free Bird, Bourée, or Bolero Mallorquin, you need to learn to walk before you can run. Even once you can run, you need something to help you clear hurdles along the way.

That’s where Guitar All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition, comes in. It’s your complete compendium of guitar instruction, written in clear, concise For Dummies style. It covers everything from positioning and basic chords to guitar theory and playing styles, and even includes maintenance advice to keep your instrument sounding great. It’s an amazing resource for newbies and veterans alike, and offers you the opportunity to stretch beyond your usual genre.

  • Forge the sound of rock, blues, classical, and more
  • Understand the music theory behind guitar mastery
  • Express yourself through your own compositions
  • Perform practice exercises for muscle memory and dexterity

Guitar All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition, includes access to audio tracks and instructional videos to guide you through the lessons and inspire you to play often, which is the number-one key to success. You get advice and instruction from some of the most respected guitar teachers in the business, plus online resources, for less than the cost of a single lesson. Guitar All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is the key to bringing your music to life.

For Dummies

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1: Book/CD Pack

Price: $12.99 - $8.39

(Guitar Method). The second edition of this world-famous method by Will Schmid and Greg Koch is preferred by teachers because it makes them more effective while making their job easier. Students enjoy its easy-to-follow format that gives them a solid music education while letting them play songs right away. Book 1 provides beginning instruction including tuning, 1st position melody playing, C, G, G7, D7, and Em chords, rhythms through eighth notes, solos and ensembles and strumming. Features a chord chart, and traditional songs like: Amazing Grace * Greensleeves * and When the Saints Go Marching In. Audio examples of the exercises are included on the CD and are also accessible online with the unique code included with the book. Online audio is accessed at halleonard.com/mylibrarySongs include:
Amazing Grace
When the Saints Go Marching In
9″ x 12″

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Ringworld (A Del Rey book)

Price: $7.99 - $7.19

A new place is being built, a world of huge dimensions, encompassing millions of miles, stronger than any planet before it. There is gravity, and with high walls and its proximity to the sun, a livable new planet that is three million times the area of the Earth can be formed. We can start again!Great product!

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Generic (Non-OEM) Home Travel Wall Charger Compatible with Amazon Kindle 2 eBook / Book Reader

Price: $19.00

Micro-USB Home Wall Travel AC Charger Power Adapter (800mA) – White For the professional executive on the go, this charger is a must! The travel charger is lightweight and easy to carry while traveling. Simply plug one end into the wall, the other into your Kindle, and it will recharge and condition your battery.LED light power indicator.
Best replacement for original Kingle travel charger.
Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode to prevent overcharging and short circuit.

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U.S. Navy Alphabet Book


Learn about the Navy SEALS, aircraft carriers, submarines, and much more. This unique alphabet book also introduces readers to the semaphore, international code flag, and radio alphabets.

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Plustek OpticSlim 2610 Color Image Scanner, Special design for thick book. Design Soho and personal use. For PC and Mac

Price: $54.99

The affordable, compact Plustek OpticSlim 2610 offers easy scanning and sharing. is so compact that just 3.1 lbs. Use the LED Light Source, No needed warm-up time and save the energy.

Special designed hinges with Lid
With a 2″ expansion lid, helps you sacn thicker books and 3D objects scanning.

5 One-Touch Quick Action Buttons

Copy, OCR, E-Mail, Custom and PDF (incorporate your frequent applications to increase your daily work productivity.)

Bundle Software
Button utility to simplify document scanning.DocAction enables you to specify your personalized scanning configuration settings and scan.Automatically sent directly to Printer, Email, Folder or FTP,also enables you to scan directly to many imaging and document management applications. You can save scanned documents in all common imaging formats including: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF.

Industry standard TWAIN drivers ensure compatibility with thousands of image enabled applications including: document management, document capture, enterprise content management, forms processing, photographic imaging and image management applications.

-ABBYY FineReader Sprint
Unlocks the data inside paper-based documents, images and PDF files with enhanced accuracy that eliminates the need for retyping and reformatting. Tool that increases your productivity and efficiency which comes with simple user interface and supports recognition up to 183 languages.

  1. Convert scanned document and images into Microsoft Word, Excel, searchable PDF and other formats.
  2. One-click smart conversion for easy access – no learning curve
  3. Multi-language recognition with automatic language detection

Mac OS
MacAction makes this integration and convenience possible at your fingertips.With Specialized Lid Design,OS2610 help you easy scan large items such as personal notebook or thick document.
The OS2610 scanner can help you work efficiently with 5 one-touch Buttons that enable you to Scan, Copy, E-mail.
With Auto crop function help you crop your photo and document.
With Plustek DocAction software ,Max resolution up to 4800x4800Dpi
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and Mac OS X v10.8 or later

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The Glass Magician (The Paper Magician Series, Book 2)


Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s heart to his body, Ceony Twill is well on her way to becoming a Folder. Unfortunately, not all of Ceony’s thoughts have been focused on paper magic. Though she was promised romance by a fortuity box, Ceony still hasn’t broken the teacher-student barrier with Emery, despite their growing closeness.

When a magician with a penchant for revenge believes that Ceony possesses a secret, he vows to discover it…even if it tears apart the very fabric of their magical world. After a series of attacks target Ceony and catch those she holds most dear in the crossfire, Ceony knows she must find the true limits of her powers…and keep her knowledge from falling into wayward hands.

The delightful sequel to Charlie N. Holmberg’s The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician will charm readers young and old alike.

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Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts, GMAT, GRE, SAT Students & Case Interview Study Book 1)


You don’t have to buy this book. Just read this till the end

You don’t have to buy this book. Just read this till end & you will learn something that will change the way you do math forever. Warning: I am revealing this secret only to the first set of readers who will buy this book & plan to put this secret back inside the book once I have enough sales. So read this until the very end while you still can.

School taught you the wrong way to do math

The way you were taught to do math, uses a lot of working memory. Working memory is the short term memory used to complete a mental task. You struggle because trying to do mental math the way you were taught in school, overloads your working memory. Let me show you what I mean with an example:
Try to multiply the 73201 x 3. To do this you multiply the following:
1 x 3 =
0 x 3 =
2 x 3 =
3 x 3 =
7 x 3 =
This wasn’t hard, & it might have taken you just seconds to multiply the individual numbers. However, to get the final answer, you need to remember every single digit you calculated to put them back together. It takes effort to get the answer because you spend time trying to recall the numbers you already calculated. Math would be easier to do in your head if you didn’t have to remember so many numbers.
Imagine when you tried to multiply 73201 x 3, if you could have come up with the answer, in the time it took you to multiply the individual numbers. Wouldn’t you have solved the problem faster than the time it would have taken you to punch in the numbers inside a calculator?

Do the opposite of what you were taught in school

The secret of doing mental math is to calculate from left to right instead of from right to left. This is the opposite of what you were taught in school. This works so well because it frees your working memory almost completely. It is called the LR Method where LR stands for Left to Right.
Lets try to do the earlier example where we multiplied 73201 x 3. This time multiply from left to right, so we get:
7 x 3 = 21
3 x 3 = 9
3 x 2 = 6
0 x 3 = 0
3 x 1 = 3
Notice that you started to call out the answer before you even finished the whole multiplication problem. You don’t have to remember a thing to recall & use later. So you end up doing math a lot faster.

The Smart Choice

You could use what you learnt & apply it to solve math in the future. This might not be easy, because we just scratched the surface. I’ve already done the work for you. Why try to reinvent the wheel, when there is already a proven & tested system you can immediately apply.
This book was first available in video format & has helped 10,000+ students from 132 countries. It is available at ofpad.com/mathcourse to enroll. This book was written to reach students who consume the information in text format. You can use the simple techniques in this book to do math faster than a calculator effortlessly in your head, even if you have no aptitude for math to begin with.
Imagine waking up tomorrow being able to do lightning fast math in your head. Your family & friends will look at you like you are some kind of a genius. Since calculations are done in your head, you will acquire better mental habits in the process. So you will not just look like a genius. You will actually be one.

Limited Time Bonus

Weekly training delivered through email for $97 is available for free as a bonus at the end of this book for the first set of readers. Once we have enough readers, this bonus will be charged $97.

Why Price Is So Low

This book is priced at a ridiculous discount only to get our first set of readers. When we have enough readers the price will go up.

Click Buy Now

Click “Buy Now” to lock your discounted price & free bonus worth $97, or you risk coming back at a later date or even a few minutes from now to see the price go up. Click the yellow button that says “Buy Now” and lets get started.

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Large Messenger Bag, 17.3-Inch Laptop Messenger Bag Laptop Shoulder Bag Business Briefcase Office Work Bag Tote Bag Book Bag For Computer Tablet Travel School College Men Women

Price: $36.99

About This Messenger Bag:
This water resistant messenger bag can hold two or maybe three laptops at a time securely. It will fit 17″ laptop comfortably. Multi large main compartment with many size pockets can fit your various supplies and stationeries. The adjustable shoulder strap is definitely long enough to wear cross-body. It would work well if used regularly, and would not rip or tear easily. Besides, the handle on the back of the bag also fit over the telescopic handle of a trolley case. This is a lightweight (about 2.03 lb), quite roomy with different pockets messenger bag for your everyday activities.

Bag Dimensions:
• Messenger bag: 17″(L)x14.5″(H)x5.5″(W)

Things fitting in this messenger bag. (Maximum Width up to 17″)
• Large Main Compartment for: 17″Laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, Cameras, Portfolio, Binders, United States Road Atlas, Sketchbooks, Music Scores, Plastic Storage Container etc.
• 2 Small Deep Pockets in Main Compartment for: Power Chargers, Power Cord, Mouse etc.
• 2 Front Zipper Medium Pockets under the Flap for: iPad Pro/Air 2, iPad Mini, Kindle, Notebook, Small Calendar/Pamphlets, College Textbooks, Graphing Calculator, Magazine etc.
• Many Mini Inner Pockets for: Wallet, Passport, Cell phone, Glasses, Keys, Pens, Tissues etc.
• 2 Outer Side Pockets for: Small Water Bottles, Folding Umbrella etc.
• 2 Zipper Pockets on the Flap for: Tickets, ID, Credit Card, Passport, Boarding Pass, Currency, Receipts etc.

Package Includes:
• 1 * Messenger Bag

Warm tips:
Just use the cold water to wash the bag.

BUY CONFIDENTLY with our 100% Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product you will receive a full refund no questions asked and hassle free. If you need help or have any question, feel free to contract us. Our customer service team will reply you within 24 hours and offer you our best services.Material: Lightweight & Water Resistant Nylon Material. The stitching is strong and the material itself is thick but not bulky. It fits laptop up to 17-Inch. Bag Dimension: 17 L*5.5 W*14.5 H inches.
High Quality &Stylish & Functional: This bag has a separate interior providing a divider to keep all other items safely away from the laptop meanwhile leaves enough room to carry anything. Also it is pretty roomy and can easily hold a laptop, tablet, power cord, wallet, clothes, a couple of books, and few more miscellaneous items. But it is very easy to find and retrieve things.
Padded Carrying Top Handle: It has a top handle to make it easier to grab the bag before putting on the shoulder strap or when you’re just picking the bag up. It’s convenient to put the bag in the car and getting it out with handle to grab quickly. Besides, top handle makes it easier to grab the bag (from under an airline seat).
Specially Designed & Important Feature: There is a zippered opening on the back of the bag connecting main compartment that can help you put something in or take something out faster and more convenient anytime.( Especially when your bag needs to be opened by customs)
Usage & Occasions: The bag can be carried by the handle, worn on shoulders, positioned across body, also hold on the Trolley Case. Perfect in every day, working, office, airline travel, city tour, music festival, high school, college.

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