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Monroe 8130X In Ivory 12-Digit Print/Display Professional Heavy Duty Calculator In Extended Life Calculator Body (Calculator, Ivory)

Price: $200.00

As the inventor of the commercial calculator in 1912, Monroe has earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies, including the likes of NASA. Even Hollywood has recognized the strength of the Monroe brand as its products have landed on major television networks and hit series including the show Madmen. The standard for heavy-duty desktop calculators, the Monroe 8130 serves as the entry level heavy-duty model with one of the strongest followings as it was preceded by the extremely popular 4130, 5130, and 7130 models. This model lives in a rugged body and offers a print speed of 5 lines per second, and has a smooth key touch. Unique to Monroe, the heavy-duty models are equipped with an enclosed paper roll (to protect from dust build up around the printer), indicator lamp (making users aware of an active calculation), and an automatic total print above the tear off knife. Monroe even thought to incorporate storage for a spare paper roll, and both a twin-spooled ribbon and automatic cartridge ribbon underneath the machine to reduce downtime. Functionally, it has an independent memory that stores tax rates and allows for independent operation of multiplication and division, enabling the user to multiply and divide during addition and subtraction. This model is most popular within casino cages and supermarket chains due to their constant demand for a calculator that can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week without failure. The Monroe 8130 has proven itself to outlast and outperform any other competing model available. Those who know, choose Monroe.12-Digit Print/Display, (1) 4-Key Independent Memory
Decimal Settings: +, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Backspace Feature
Black and Red Print with Print Speed of 5 Lines per Second
Additional Key Functions: Enclosed Paper Roll, Spare Supplies Storage Areas, Indicator Lamps (for the adding machine and grand total registers), Two Column Addition, and more.

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Calculator, 2-Pack Standard Functional Desktop Calculator Sola and AA Battery Dual Power Electronic Calculator with 12-digit Large Display (2PC-Black)

Price: $9.99

Product quality is stable, sensitive reaction, touch type keyboard, which is not easy to bond – excellent quality – big screen, concise buttons, ergonomic design even let the digital hand control.Complete general calculation function, considerate angle, convenient to watch

Product features

12 digit liquid crystal display screen
duplicate supply
The total memory storage “GT” key
profit calculation “%” keys,
function keys to abdicate:

Product contains:

2 X calculator
2 X specification
Note: Calculator configuration of the 1 section AA battery, this battery is not rechargeableQuick and easy tax calculation.Displays up to 12 digits. Extra-large LCD display.
Percussion keyboard ergonomic design, clear sound, after 100 thousand times of tapping test, not easy to bond
Tilted screen for easy and accurate screen reading.Perfect for office, school or home use.
Two-way Power: Solar and Battery and 1 AA batteries (included) two kinds of power supply,Battery and sun powered, long battery life.
Every product has been strictly tested, quality problems for 1 years free warranty, please contact us directly

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EWTTO 12-Digit Large Display Electronic Calculator, Solar Battery Dual Power Desktop Calculators with Standard Function

Price: $19.99 - $16.99

Suitable for any businessman, worker, teacher, student or anybody that needs make any sort of calculation from time to time.
Display screen 4.3 inch, Calculator Size 5.3*1.5*4.5 inch.
Solar power and battery back-up (1 X 2A Battery not included) make the calculator keep working in low light conditions.

You will receive:
1* CalculatorLarge Display – Extra-large LCD display, easy reading.
12 Digits Display – 12 digits make the calculator most useful for large calculations.
Big buttons – Concise design and big buttons presenting comfortable feeling.
Dual Power – Solar power and battery back-up make the calculator keep working in low light conditions.
One-year warranty – Ewtto Calculators are made of high quality materials. if any quality problems, please contact us directly.

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Electronic Desktop Calculator with 12-Digit Large LCD Display, Solar Battery Dual Power Office Calculators by Ebristar – Orange

Price: $39.99

Ebristar Basic Desktop Calculator is a very robust calculator so it can be used in all types of areas. Due to it’s size it tends not to get lost and sits on a desk or can be carried around with users.
The calculator is solid but is not heavy. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a general household or office calculator as it is stylish, simple and reliable.

★ New Functions
Add CHECK and AUTO REPLAY key, it will more easy find the tiny error and don’t need to calculate over and over again.

★12-digit Angled Display with Non-slip Feet
Ebristar Basic Desktop Calculator has a clear 12-digit angled display, with two non-slip feet which stops it moving about when being used. The display shows the figures in black against a pale grey screen. The screen slopes upwards towards users which makes it very clear and easy to read.

★Solar & Battery Dual Power Source
The Basic Calculator works on solar power and has a 1.5v battery (AA included) as a battery back up and has an automatic power-off.

★Main Functions
The calculator performs the major basic functions including addition (extra large key), subtraction, multiplication and division & percentage. The MU (Mark Up) key makes it very easy to calculate profit % margins. It also incorporates a 4-key memory function.

★Large Keyboards
The keys of Ebristar Basic Calculator are large and because of their size it is not easy to hit the wrong key by accident.

★For the Crowd
Ebristar Calculator is suitable for any businessman, worker, teacher, student or anybody that needs make any sort of calculation from time to time. Perfect for office, school or home use.

★Package Includes
1* Ebristar Basic Calculator
1* Specification

BIG COMPUTER KEYBOARDS – Good sense of touch, clear sound, after 100 thousand times of tapping test, not easy to bond, sensitive so you’ll not hit the wrong key by accident and messing up the entire calculation process.
DUAL POWER – Solar and battery power supply, solar function works even in the dim light.
LARGE LCD DISPLAY – 12 Digits, better vision, eye-angled, upright LCD display; Auto power off (10 minutes don’t use).
PRACTICAL – Ebristar electronic calculator is a general purpose desktop calculator. Complete function, can meet various computing needs.
GREAT FOR HOME AND OFFICE USE – Handheld Calculator, easy to carry and perfect for office, school or home use.

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Sengu Functional Desktop Calculator Solar Power Bamboo Calculators with 12-digit Large Display

Price: $59.99

The display of this Bamboo calculator lets you perform calculations on numbers with up to 10 digits.
A mark-up button allows you to quickly determine the selling price of items, while percent, square root, grand total and change sign keys make quick work of common calculations.
A backspace key lets you correct entries without having to re-enter the whole number, and a memory feature allows the saving of frequently used numbers for easy recall.
This Calculator adopt Solar Powered,you don’t worry this calculator stop work,An auto-off function extends battery life even further.
package includes:1 x desktop calculator.
Practical: Electronic Desktop Calculator is a general purpose desktop calculator, 12 digits make it most useful for large calculations.
Power: Solar function works even in the dim light
Convenient: Ergonomic design comfortable button, Wide keyboard with raised keys and increased pressure sensitivity
Durable: Desktop Calculator adopted is made of shell bamboo, using new durable materials
Easy to carry, perfect choice for office business and home use. It also can as a perfect gift a perfect Christmas gift for business professionals and work colleagues

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Bear Motion Standard Function Desktop Handheld Calculator Large 12-digit Display – Battery Required / with Solar Panel as Secondary Power Source

Price: $6.99

Bear Motion is bringing you back to the basic. This calculator has the most basic function and will be ready for you at your desktop whenever you need it.
Nothing fancy, Just works
One AAA Battery Required (NOT included) – This calculator requires an AAA battery to operate correctly. It also has Solar Panel as a secondary power source. It will automatically switch to solar from battery when solar power is strong enough. However, battery is required to ensure continuous operation without disruption.
Large 12-digit display for Desktop or Handheld
Size: 5.8 inch X 4.3 inch X 1.4 inch
perfect size for office business and home use more preferential info as follows
Durable construction that is designed to last

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Sharp EL-1901 Paperless Printing Calculator with Check and Correct, 12-Digit LCD

Price: $48.99

The EL-1901 Paperless Printing Calculator is a unique and powerful calculator, perfect for those that need the power of a printing calculator with the functionality of a desktop calculator. The 1901 features a 12 digit display with a 5 line scrolling LCD display. This larger scrolling display allows a user to go back and view up to 300 previous entries. The Check & Correct functions allow for changes to be made to previous entries if a mistake was made or if a calculation needs to be updated. The Paperless Printing Calculator is whisper quiet, making it usable in any office environment. Other features include Cost/Sell/Margin, 4 key memory, tax keys, change sign key, backspace key, and selectable decimal and rounding keys.Large 12 Digit Bright Blue Display
5 Line Scrolling LCD Display Shows Results
Check & Correct Function to Edit Previous Entries
Stores 300 Entries
AC powered with battery backup

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2 Packs of 12-Digit Standard Desktop Calculator, SourceTon Basic Handheld Calculator with Large LCD Display and Large Buttons, Dual Powered Office Calculator, Black

Price: $11.99

* 12-Digit Calculator which is good for large calculation.
* Non-slip design is great for desktop uses.
* Dual power drive. The auto power-off is supported.
* Large keys design to avoid hitting the wrong key.

What’s inside
2 x Calculators (Black)
1 x User Manual

DUAL POWERED – Letting you to calculate conveniently and easily. (Battery not included.)
12-DIGIT CALCULATOR – Design for large calculation.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Comfortable buttons, great viewing angle, large LCD.
WIDELY APPLICABLE – Suitable for office, school and home use.
2-PACKS COMBINATION – With the 2-pack offers, you don’t need to bring your calculator everywhere.

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12-Digit Battery Dual Powered Handheld Electronic Business Mini Solar Basic Desktop Financial Scientific Office Calculator, Simple Desk Calculators With Large LCD Display

Price: $12.99


This standard calculator is a must for any businessman, worker, teacher, student or anybody that needs to make any sort of calculation from time to time.
The calculator is made of good quality material and is well constructed.
The 12 digit display screen indicates your numbers in clear, dark lettering.
Both solar and battery power ensure that you’ll always finish whatever you start, whenever and wherever you are so you don’t miss a step.


1x calculator
1x specification
Complete function, can meet various computing needs.
Percussion keyboard ergonomic design, clear sound, after 100 thousand times of tapping test, not easy to bond.
Extra-large LCD display,touch type conductive adhesive, comfort sensitive buttons.
Two-way Power: Solar and Battery two kinds of power supply,battery and sun powered, long battery life.
Perfect for office, school or home use.

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Calculator, Splaks Standard Functional Desktop Calculator Sola and AA Battery Dual Power Electronic Calculator with 12-digit Large Display-Silver

Price: $7.89

Splaks Electronic Calculator Instruction

Adds the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory
Example:3*8 + 2*6. If you directly inputs these numbers to the calculator,you will see the wrong answer: 156.
If you press [3*8], [M+], [2*6], [M+], then press [MRC] once, you will get the right answer: 36.

Subtracts the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory.

Combination of [MR] and [MC].
[MR]: Recall the current memory register value.
[MC]: Clear the memory register (set to zero).
When you press the key once, the [MR] key was activated, when you press the key twice, the [MC] was activated.

Whenever the [=] key has been pressed, the result will be stored into the Grand Total Memory.
Example:If you want to calculate [2*3+3*5+6*8],press [2*3=], then [3*5=], then [6*8=]. Then press [GT], you will get the right answer [69]

Stands for Mark Up, which is for calculating GROSS PROFIT MARGIN (GPM).
Example: Enter [100] then press the [÷], then [15] then press the [MU] key, you will see 117.65 (15% of this total equates to 17.65)

[Constant Calculations]
To Calculate[5 * 5 * 5 * 5 + 2 + 2 = 629]. You Press[5 * === + 2 == ].
You will see [629]
Note: If you have any question about the calculator, please contact us directlyNew Function Keys: Square Root, Auto Replay and Check keys are added. More functions, more facility!
Dual Power supply by Solar or 1 AA Battery
Automatically Power off, save more energy (ON/OFF button)
Large non-stick plastic button, new material, more durable
Large eye-angled, upright display,Easy-To-Read

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